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A lonely Goddess
Once upon a time there was a beautiful goddess, depressed by boredom of her high place in the world...
You know what happened to her?
The world lost its mean to her. Prayers turned into miserable ants, not caring about her, only asking for more and more. The temples went emptier and emptier as she lost her faith in life beneath her, searching everywhere for something, or someone, that would save her from the darkness deep in her soul.
Humans were the trickiest ones, she thought in hope, turning in a beautiful woman and coming to a human city. Though humans never realized it was her, nor did they care about a nameless stranger, forcing her out by their animal desires they try to hide, letting them grow into beasts far bigger than any in the world...
So she turned them in the beasts they always were, showing them her real face only to rain her anger before she grown herself two beautiful wings, flying off as a dragon and leaving the city far behind in hopes to find dragons worth believin
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Mature content
B-Day pic :iconnagasnake:NagaSnake 8 2
Not a monster
  ... The cart's creaking was almost making me crazy by the time we were nearing the town... Good thing they sent a guy with a cart, though... As I look around, I notice that the forest is strangely familiar... Though all forests look the same... Suddenly I notice something blue disapearing behind the trees... Strange… Never seen animals with so bright color…
…'It's him... And he is a hunter now... How is this possible? ... And... He is here for me... I... I need to show him that I am not a mindless beast... He will remember...' - She keep thinking this way while creeping deeper in the forest, to her favorite hidden lake where she usually takes a sunbath... Digesting someone inside...
… A hour later, I get all the information from the town head. Wondering, why didn't they told me this from the beginning, along with the name of the town... I was shocked, when I finally saw it... I haven't been here for a long time... In fact I spent most of my life h
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Mature content
Sad Tale :iconnagasnake:NagaSnake 6 0
Blind serpent
       Chapter 1
He raised his nose to smell the air… Smell of fire. Other traveler? Other hunter? He decides not to howl, moving straight to the river ahead. Water is so clean, allowing him to see a reflection: long wolf's face with pointy ears and deep brown eyes, wide belt with flask, pockets and throwing knives, coming to his left shoulder, three magical earrings with crystals, looted from adventurer's corpses: one is an uncharmed decoy, another allows him see in the dark a lot better, third allows him to hear unprotected thoughts of the weak-minded prey...
  Smell of fire intense, he even manages to see a black smoke far to the south, direction where his tribe is… Day went dab from the beginning, three hours of hunting and still nothing… And those humans, coming in this forest again and again... It's an ancient forest. It's no place for a human. For many years it served as a safe shelter for many species... Only humans we
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Mature content
Inflation bar event :iconnagasnake:NagaSnake 62 11
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Sketch 2 :iconnagasnake:NagaSnake 12 10
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Oh well... :iconnagasnake:NagaSnake 12 6
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Evil sketch... or something :iconnagasnake:NagaSnake 7 6
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Villain sorceress Elvira :iconnagasnake:NagaSnake 12 4
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Too slow, orc... :iconnagasnake:NagaSnake 4 1
Mature content
Taste of blood... :iconnagasnake:NagaSnake 13 0
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Deceptive freedom :iconnagasnake:NagaSnake 3 5
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Beautiful night :iconnagasnake:NagaSnake 2 1
Mature content
Oh no, I'm falling... :iconnagasnake:NagaSnake 10 3
Mature content
Even the mightiest will fall :iconnagasnake:NagaSnake 3 1


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Ely True Form :icondevil-v:Devil-V 652 20
  • Listening to: Rammstien - Stirb Nicht Vor Mir
  • Reading: Sergey Tarmashev - Drevnii (Ancient)
  • Watching: Moon ... Because I sleep whole day...
  • Eating: Person who I love. And he don't mind so far...
  • Drinking: Tea... Over and over... Liter by liter...
For those who read this ...
Spent whole week with a person I love... Almost without leaving the flat ...
For last two weeks I suffer a terrible pain... Physical and mental. And if not him I wouldn't make it, probably...
For those who was interested in a Blind Serpent story ... I will post a second and last part in few days ... When I get enough strength to actually wright something...
Though must warn that second part will include slight guro scenes, vore and sex ... Also, considering the size of a Royal Naga in our worlds, some may find it to be Giantess...
Oh... And the ending will be somehow sad... Well... Even though I hate sad endings - they are still logical.

Oh, also, because of pain of looking at so called 'heroes' who slay beautiful creatures like Dragons, Nagas, Snakes, Medusa, Arachnids etc. - Heroes who want glory for murdering, for racism ...
*Sigh* ... I decided to get myself a snake ... A python maybe... I will consider it.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I am a a depressive pervert. I can't draw no matter how hard I try ... In fact I ruin everything I do ... Here I post some stories We make. Dear reader. You may find them interesting at first, but I warn you now - Most of stories will contain content unappropriated for normal person. Mostly regular fetishes in twisted variations. I warned you. And save your precious time - I know that I am sick and perverted person. I know that I hate humans as a biological race. No, I'm not a racist or hater. I'm just scared...

Current Residence: Europe
Favourite genre of music: Alternative; dubstep
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Iriver e40
Favourite cartoon character: Invader Zim, Jimmy Cool


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